"After the First Death" Quotes or "Cold Sassy Tree" quotes?

Question:I need 3 quotes from "After the First Death" by Robert Cormier, or "Cold Sassy Tree" by Olove Ann Burns, and an explanation why I choose them. Please, I've been searching the books and can't find anything

1.“Well gosh a’ mighty! She’s dead as she’ll ever be, ain’t she? Well ain’t she?” Chapter 1, Page 4
Rucker says these words in anger as response to his daughters’ objection to him announcing his future plans with Miss Love.

2.“Won’t somebody g-go get him, That’s my dog!?” Chapter 13, Page 80
In his words you can tell Will is distressed about his dog. He speaks these words at the train tracks when T.J., his dog almost gets run over by the train.

3.“How come you married my grandpa?” Chapter 19, Page 127
Will asks Miss Love this question out of pure honesty after she gives Rucker a haircut that makes him look younger.

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