Can someone give me some quote from the book called after life by gary sotto?

Question:Can someone give me some quote from the book called "after life" by gary sotto? I really need it so bad. And please explain why that quote is important.

"WHEN YOU'RE an ordinary-looking guy, even feo, you got to suck it up and do your best..."
- Gary Sotto

To my opinion, each one of us has a place under the sun to be a successful person if we are determined to follow the calling which is already in us. It's like a little seed sown in our being and it is up to us to nourish this seed and let it grow to the full. This means that accepting who we are we can slowly but surely build up our self through education, experiences and perseverance in life. The outcome of all these is not for our self alone, but also to reach out to others' needs.

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