Can someone analize/explain this quote?

Question:"It's strange because sometimes, I read a book, and I think I am the people in the book"

While you are reading the book, you feel like you are the person you are reading about. That's what I do when I am reading a book. I just finished James Patterson's series of Alex Cross books. They are all written as if he is Alex Cross. So when I am reading them, I am Alex Cross. It's like I'm watching a movie in my head and I see everything that is written in the book come to life in my head.
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It's pretty straightforward. It alludes to how the written word can conjure such a vivid mental image that one can be transported into the story.
It just seems to be the person who said it, their opinion, that they really get into books so strongly that they feel they are the characters in it. The person seems to have a vivid imagination. Kind of makes me think of some of those girls like in *Girl, Interrupted* or *Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore*, some girl who ends up taking drugs, or something!
To me it means that if a book is well written, I can almost feel as if I am in the book and am a part of the story.
You really get into books! You have an excellant imgination! Hope you dont read much Stephen King *S*
it means that reading will take us to places, even though we haven't been there. that is the power of reading. you feel there is a connection between u and the protagonist in the story.

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