Can someone help me find a quote in A Farewell to Arms?

Question:Where Frederic Henry talks about being with prostitutes (besides the one on page 104) and what page is it. Thanks so much.

Depending on the book (some page numbers are different) but around page 289-299) Henry is talking about his friend Rinaldi, who had two loves, alcohol and prostitutes; and Henry is wondering aloud to Catherine if Rinaldi died of syphyllis. "I wonder whether Rinaldi had the syphyllis?"
1) “All thinking men are atheists.” Page 8
War is one of the major themes examined in A Farewell to Arms, as is religion. In this scene, early in the novel, Frederic Henry is in the mess when some of the officers begin teasing the priest. The major announces he is an atheist, and the priest tells Henry not to read a certain book. The major says then that “all thinking men are atheists,” illustrating the novel’s interpretation of God and religion, and the larger view of the world in general.

For Hemingway, God did not exist, and the universe is indifferent
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