Any sarcastic quotes on love?

Question:good ones funny ones really sarcastic ones

"Love is something you fall into, and then crawl out of..."

I saw that as a graffiti message at UC Berkeley.
"of what avail is an open mind when the heart is blind?'

the only one i could think of. for now.
oh, and the good 'o "love is blind."
"O my, Romeo, look at the Chiuaua, what do thou say about its face"
Coffee, chocolate, men...some things are just better rich.

When I am with you, we stay up all night. When you are not here, I cannot go to sleep. Praise God for these two insomnias and the difference between them.

Fantasy love is much better than reality love. Never doing it is very exciting. The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.
We always deceive ourselves twice about the people we love - first to their advantage, then to their disadvantage.
~~ Albert Camus

Your heart is my piƱata.
~~ Chuck Palahniuk

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