Can you help me find this quote from the fountainhead?

Question:When i read it i didn't think i'd need it so i didn't write it down, but now that i'm writing the essay I do.

It's in a discusssion between wynand and roark, and its something like "Sometimes I don't like being Gail Wynand...Do you like being howard roark?" or something I dont know. if you know the quote can you help me out please?

If you have the book, it is on page 521 according to a search I did on Google Books. However, they do not have the complete quote, just this one line:

"Have you always liked being Howard Roark?" Wynand asks him.

P.S. I found what appears to be the full discourse on a web page. If you do not have the book (ironically I just loaned mine to a student), call a library to confirm it.

Wynand had just met with Roark for the first time, and in that meeting, had asked, “Have you always liked being Howard Roark?”
I love what Ayn Rand tells us, happened next….
Roark smiled. The smile was amused, astonished, involuntarily contemptuous.
“You’ve answered,” said Wynand.

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