Explain this quote please?

Question:human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe- h.g. wells

to me it means that the more we learn, the more danger we can cause

can you give me any examples of this
i already got how cars lead to global warming and how nuclear weapons lead to a catastrophe but i need more examples please help

We always strive to improve ourselves. To do this, we must learn. To learn, we must practice what we are studying. Thus the end results may not be what we want or believe, but we shall learn from our mistakes. Hopefully before we blow our world up and destroy mankind.
I believe you have that exactly backwards. It's a race between education and catastrophe, which means that education competes against catastrophe. It means that the more people are educated, the less catastrophe there will be, and the less education there is, the more catastrophe there will be.

Cars may contribute to global warming (and that isn't quite certain yet, although they do pollute), but cars are also good - our society wouldn't exist if it weren't for cars as ambulances, or delivering food, or taking us to school, or whatever. And while nuclear weapons may cause a catastrophe, if both sides have them, that means that the weapons will never be used, so it actually can promote world peace to have them. There are two sides to just about every argument.

Incidentally, I don't know if education will prevent catastrophe. With the state of today's colleges, it seems that the more educated a person is, the dumber they act - just look at a textbook about situational ethics.
we lwearn from the crisises we experience and that's what makes up the world.
he says a race between education and catastrophe....meaning we need to educate ourselves before we destroy ourselves (thru lack of education)

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