Does this mean lovely?!?


It means "beloved."
While the word is used as a name usually a females name its use when referring to adults is actually an insult.

If you want to loose your girlfriend or get into a fight, this is the word to use. The closest translation to English would be needy or attention starved.

You can see how naming a helpless baby girl in the crib might be sweet and being affection starved or hungry to be loved could be translated lovely but be very careful who you call lovely until you learn a little more about the language.

An for Gods Sake, Please do not learn foreign languages from cd covers or the ejaculate from spermipedia.

No. Unfortunately Wikipedia has taken a word misused in a song and defined it according to a stoned rock artists lyrics.

Wikipedia has screwed up the definition of thousands of words with no regard for what they actually mean.
We call it Spermipedia [[[Intelectual Masturrbation]]]

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