All is fair in love and war?

Question:what deos that quote mean...
and why is that good advise??
or why would it be bad advise?

love.and war..both are the extremes of human emotions and his nature of while at the peak of emotions,it is natural for him to lose or atleast forget the sense of right and wrong...hence keeping in view the human nature,it is compromised that in such a situation man should not be blamed as he loses his control and its natural for him to do anything...thats why it is said..."all is fair in love nd war"
That quote means you can do *anything* for love, no matter how horrible or retarded, and it would be fair play. Same thing for war. Any action is justified as long as it helps you to win. This is good advice, because it keeps you very determined. This is bad advice, because it makes you into a selfish sociopath who only cares about getting what you want, and nothing else.
it means you can do whatever you want to whomever you want without shedding a other is grand...war is no matter which way you go its a fair deal...beam me up scottie
it means that both situations are guided by strong emotion, love and hate or war. so when we are acting on either we lose our sense of fair and unfair. it is a warning that when you are in these situations you should step back and try to use a clear head, and remember that others may not be.

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