Did anybody read the book "of mice and men"?

Question:i had to read this for summer reading and i have to explain this quote...
"the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry"
i have no idea what it means...

the phrase comes from a poem by robbie burns - a scots poet. He was inspired to write the poem when his plough destroyed the nest of a mouse, causing it to start to the earth's surface, shaking with fear. The poem starts: "poor wee timorous cowering beastie," etc, and then goes on to suggest that like the mouse, the plans of humans to build things and make a home fro themselves or whatever often go wrong. "the best-laid plans of mice and men, gang aft aglee" which is scots dialect for 'often go wrong' The phrase has since passed into the english language as an idiom
An example of plans going awry:
suppose you just wrote an essay you are proud of and were ready to take it to school when your dog jumped up on the counter, grabbed the paper and tore it to shreds. You did your homework, completed the assignment as planned and out of the blue your hard work was destroyed.
Or you planned a vacation and the night before leaving you got sick and had to cancel. All your planning was for naught.
Men can make plans but if they are not in line with the will of God they will go awry.
That has always how I have thought of that phrase.

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