"Man is Nature's sole mistake" ...W.S. Gillbert?

Question:what does this quote mean,and how can man be harmful to the nature???

thanks for your help

it means that man is greedy and selfish,he can hurt nature by killing animals,cutting trees,and burning woods...man also causes environmental pollution..all these examples shows how a man can be bad to the nature.
I think it refers to the fact that we are the only species that kills for sport, that goes to war, that commits crimes, that destroys just for the sake of destroying, etc.
It means that man is greedy, evil at times, and has the cabability to have these thoughts so therefore, much worse than any other species. ohh by the way imaka, domestic cats kill for fun so we aren't the only ones.
The previous answers are great examples of what happens when you write BS off the top of your head without doing any research.

Has anyone heard of Gilbert & Sullivan? Well, W.S. Gilbert was the member of that team who wrote the words to their collaborative operettas. Arthur Sullivan wrote the music. The operettas are satirical comedies. They aren't serious. They're full of exaggerations. (Ever see "Pirates of Penzance" with Linda Ronstadt? That's one of theirs.)

This phrase, "Man is Nature's sole mistake," is from their operetta "Princess Ida," which was first performed in 1884. Its central theme is a college for women from which all men are banned. The phrase comes from a song about how women can succeed in the academic world, sung by the professor of humanities, Lady Psyche. The verse goes like this:

"Man will swear and man will storm —
Man is not at all good form —
Is of no kind of use —
Man's a donkey — Man's a goose —
Man is coarse and Man is plain —
Man is more or less insane —
Man's a ribald — Man's a rake,
Man is Nature's sole mistake!"

So first of all, it's plain that this is exaggerated and satirical in intent. It has no serious meaning at all. Second, it's not about mankind, it's about men as opposed to women.
Well man kills each other over war, pollutes the earth, overkills animals causing extinction, and will prob kill/end the world over money or land

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