"ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE & WAR"...can anyone enlighten me about what this phrase means?

Question:WHAT The HECK?

Do you mean literally, what does it mean? Stevie Wonder had a song 'all in love is fair' on his 1977 'Songs in the Key of Life' album. You could try listening to that! Anyway, the way that people use this phrase is to excuse some kind of behavior that others might not approve of by implying that 'anything goes' in situations involving love and war, because these are special circumstances which operate under different rules than the rest of life and therefore extraordinary measures are justified. (As an extreme example, in war it's OK to kill people, whereas it isn't in regular life). Of course, sometimes people try to use it to excuse their behavior in situations that have nothing to do with love or war, in which case it's just an excuse! Hope this helps.
They all have their own reasons when it comes to love and when it comes to war.
When you've lived long enough - like into your 20's - you should have a better understanding of the phrase. It's a very true coloquialism actually.
hi,it basically means "you can use any means nessasary to obtain your aim" for example,,,, if you really wanted a job,and someone else was going for the same job,if you put chewing gum on there nice clean suit,youd be doin what you had to do!! lol hope dats helped!
I am a high school teacher and have heard this many times before. This is something people say when someone else says that something is not fair. The way some look at it is, when you're in a relationship with someone, anything can happen and there are no "rules" where you can sue or punish the person for cheating on you, etc. This is unless you're married, of course.

Although there are rules in war stemming from the Geneva convention, etc, not all nations may abide by them all of the time. For example, if a really evil type of person becomes head of a foreign government and wins a war even though he broke those rules, who is going to stop them, right?

That is why "all is fair in love and war"

I hope this helps.
Because love is blind. It does not see beyond the nose so what ever done under this blindness, it can be excused. In war, logic and reasoning disappear. It is a sort of madness to kill the enemy and win the war. So every trick is good to win the heart of beloved and win the war.
People in love and soldiers in wartime are not bound by the rules of fair play.
This proverb is frequently used when two people are contending for the love of a third.
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I think it just means that sometimes there are no rules.. Sometimes the rules don't make sense, or they just don't matter.so...all is fair.no matter if you are in an argument or " discussion of opinions", or a peaceful moment of you life, and suddenly it doesn't make sense for some spontaneous reason. Anything can happen and you can't say, " I wasn't ready"...or "Wait.no fair! " . All Is Fair..Have a great Day! no Matter what the rules say!
"all is fair in love & war" means that in every relationship both parties have something to do about it.if the relationship turns good or bad, both of you will suffer and will sacrifice.both of you will be responsible and will pay for what you've done.even in war, wether you win or lose you all will suffer and people will be hurt. everybody will carry the problem.

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