Can someone explain this quote?

Question:Nature creates ability; luck endows it with opportunities.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld

You are born with certain capabilities, and as time goes by, opportunities come along so that you can develop your strengths.

that's my take on it anyway..
"Luck and Pluck" stories at the beginning of the 20th century celebrated this. We, in the modern world, believe that ability is the key, since we have the illusion of equal opportunity. In reality luck plays a major part in life. "The Psychology of Chance Encounters and Life Paths" by Albert Bandura (a really smart person) takes a nice look luck (chance) and ability.

Social capital is all about increasing your 'opportunities' to express your abilities if you want a more economic analysis.

All babies are born with the ability to speak a language (with exceptions noted) and typically only speak one as a native language because of the monolingual opportunities presented in their lives.

In yet another voice, this nature-nurture cast in a different way. The interaction of organism and environment is complex.
It looks to me like the genetic/environment idea..."nature" provides our genes, (the talents or tendencies we get from our parents), which go some distance in giving us the "ability" we may need in life... "luck" can describe the environment we find ourselves in, (a 'chancey' thing that can also change), which goes the rest of the distance to give us "opportunities."
It means you're born with an ability, and special circumstances or whatnot give you the chance to use it.

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