"Each of us the star in the movie of our own life." Can anyone give me the source of this quote?

Question:I've tried several quotation sites without success, so I'm looking for guidance, suggestions or ideas on the attribution of this quote. The quote may not be precisely correct, but that is certainly the sense of it. This is a serious piece of research, incidentally, not just a whim so any help would be most welcome.

I found these on blogs, maybe you could email them and see what the source writing was. (I'll keep adding if I find more versions. Ah, the life of quotes, don't you just love them?)

"If our life is a movie we each star in, I'm looking at tomorrow's script, and learning and rehearsing my lines."


"If life is a movie most people would consider themselves the star of their own feature."


There's a version in the 1992 book, "Death in Texas" by Carlton Smith on page 42.

"...whereas Roger seemed disorganized, a plunger given to flights of melodrama, as if life were a movie and he was the star."


I found these lines from "Miss Scoons" in a 1976 Sam Shepard play, "Angel City" within a book called "Plays, Movies, and Critics," by Jody MacAuliffe on page 128:

"I look at the screen and I am the screen. I'm not me. I don't know who I am. I look at the movie and I am the movie. I am the star. I am the star in the movie. I look at my life when I come down. I look and I hate my life when I come down. I hate my life not being a movie. I hate my life not being a star. I hate being myself in my life which isn't a movie and never will be."


From the "Muppet Movie" (1979):

Kermit: Life is like a movie. Write your own ending.

All of the muppets singing together: Keep believing / Keep pretending / We've done just what we've set out to do. Someday you'll find it, the rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers, and you!

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