Catchy phrase for a student council shirt?

Question:I need a catchy phrase for this year's stuco shirt. Some ideas we already have are:

What can Stuco do for you? (a UPS looking shirt)
Let it Reign (with raindrops)
We put the Stud in Student Council

Do you have anymore? and our school board is picky so nothing that would put down people or another school

"Stuco...more than meets the eye"

use a transformers logo? seems to be popular...also an 80's throw shirts may look cool?
i like the stud one ... those are pretty creative
Ok i got it:

Always great decisions, always.

And have a blue shirt that has the walmart face on it lol
Well, if your student council is anything like the one at my school, I think satire is the way to go:

Stuco: [Pot Leaf] We're Working On It!

Stuco: Won't This Look Good On My Resume/Grad School Application?

Stuco: Blowhard's Learning To Screw Each other, Kiss Azz, and Bleed Into The Bureaucracy Like A Cheap T-Shirt.

Stuco: Wasting Time While The Grown-Ups Protect The Bottom Line for [blank] Years.

Stuco: Learning to Kowtow To The Man, So You Don't Have To
(You might want to check the spelling of kowtow).

Of course, the ND Stuco may be the only functional one in the nation, and in that respect I apologize if I have offended.
STUCO: Bring it on!

well i guess that one's lame...

how about.

StudentCouncil..for real!

I was a stuco officer last year! nothing...just want to share...
Think From The End
Were stuck on it.

It's stuck on it.

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