C(x+2)-5 = b(x-3)?

Question:i dont noe the answer and its super hard.. tell meeh how you got it.. please no joking around..

treat c and b as number
I think the answer is x=(5-3b-2c)/(c-b)
This is an example of an equation. Strictly speaking, b, c and x are variables. It depends what you want to do with the equation. Life the previous previous person (Newlenston), you can make x the subject. It means you separate the variables and make x equals to everything else. Can be tricky to do if you have not done this type of thing before. You can equally make b or c the subject (much easier). c=[b(x-3)+5]/(x+2) or b=[c(x+2)-5]/(x-3). Where did you find it?

cx +2c-5=bx-3b
take all the x's to one side


take x common

divide by (c-b) on both sides


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