Can anybody provide me with a logical objection to this quote?

Question:"Violence is the last resort of the incompetent." - I forgot who.

Can anybody provide me with a logical objection to this quote?

Sure. When you really look at what it's saying, it's a meaningless or trivial statement.

Violence always comes last, because after war (or assault, or murder) there's nothing left to do. So this is about the same thing as saying "Isn't it amazing that I always find something I've misplaced in the last place I look."
it means wars are started for stupid reasons. what you have to prove is fighting isn't about oil or money, but something that means something, or protects someone.

counterpoint: the world is full of irrational people. due to a mental illness, improper education or just plain stupid ignorance. some people have to die(rapist, serial killers, congressmen). sorry.
You'd think that violence would be the first resort of the incompetent.
the original quote is: Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. - Isaac Asimov

personally i believe the quote to be true. violence categorically stems from ignorance, which is the basis of incompetence. the only instace in which this quote may not be true is when someone is forced to use violence as a means of self-preservation.
if someone attacks me out of ignorance and i defend myself, does this make me ignorant as well, or am i merely indulging my instinct to survive?

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