" lawyers, I suppose, were children once."?

Question:I read the book to kill a mocking bird by harper lee and i still don't fully understand this quote:
" lawyers, I suppose, were children once."
What does this mean?

In the book, it pertains to how Atticus knows that the charges against Tom are unfounded, but Atticus knows the harshness of the world and how things can be unfair. He has no hope in Tom's case. Jem and Scout on the other hand know that Tom is innocent, and their innocence leads them to believe that justice will prevail. Atticus knows better. The quote means that the "lawyer" used to have the hope and innocence that children have. He used to believe that justice and fair play would prevail, but the harshness of the world has changed his views to realism/cynicism. It's a comment that he once shared Jem's and Scout's naivete, but he no longers does and can't pinpoint when his innocence of mind was lost.
Lawyers once had the naivety of children!
Probably has to do with the notion that lawyers are seen as cynical and world-weary people.
When you are a child you have a vision of right and wrong. When you are a lawyer, the dream is gone and you fight for your paycheck, whether it be right or wrong.
It means that they were innocent once but somewhere along the way the world and the profession made them lose their innocence!
somewhere along the way they lost their innocence, learned how to lie with a straight face and became a grown-up working for a paycheck
That Children see beauty in all and are innocent of all the worlds ills, they belief in everything. Lawyers no longer see the innocent of the world’s ills or anything else for that matter. They have seen the bad and the worse of people, so no longer see the beauty.

Read that book "To kill a mocking bird" but cannot remember that line.

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