Any way I can fight a parking tickecket that I got even with a stiker?

Question:I was attending to GoldenWest College. I got a ticket because my sticker fall on my dash bord. I went to the office and they toll me that I have to pay the ticket any ways. I did'nt paid it .Now they do not let me register for fall claseses. I do not think is fair. I'm a low income person try to be a better educated person, but seems like no one cares even the college.

the rules are for everyone, even those who are trying to better themselves, pay the fine and learn the lesson.

Many people care, but at some point you actually have to take responsibility for your self, not just going to class.
You broke the rules - you pay. It is not a commentary on you becoming better educated.
If it was a ticket issued by a campus cop and not by a policemen I wouldn't pay it and I would further go down to the office where those glorified mall guard hang out and tell them the story. Explain to them how the sticker fell. If they don't want to tear up the ticket. Tell them to fold it and insert it where the sun don't shine. Unless it would keep you from graduating or something I would never pay it out of sheer principal. You paid for that parking sticker and they are just trying to make money off you.
They are annoying.

If you're running up against the deadline to register, pay it with a check marked "paid under protest" so you can still appeal. Otherwise, paying it will be considered a Guilty Plea.

Find out what the Appeal procedure is.

You may still lose. Before they would mark me as "graduated" from my university, I had to pay some tickets that were about six years old, issued at a time I didn't own a car, wasn't a student, and was on another continent. Those I couldn't appeal because the time limit to appeal had passed.

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