What are your favorite inspirational quotes?

Either ones you made up yourself or one that you really like

Answers:    "Surround yourself next to the good and righteous for just they can raise you up. If you surround yourself next to the others, they will drag you down into the doldrums of mediocrity and they will keep you here, but only as long as you grant it."

In other words, the power is within respectively one of us to choose either the Light, or murkiness. Hopefully, we will all choose cleverly.

I found the above quote in a latest novel I bought at www.littluns.web "Littluns, and the Book of Darkness." It’s one of those rare gems of late waiting to be found.
my favorite is the special forces motto "death past dishonor" as a member of the military deployed to a time of war zone i take this to heart

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