English helppppp.?

Question:please anyone who would help me with the meaning of this quote.=]
if u dont know the meaning then dont write a comment for nothing.

"Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new."

thanks. i will really appreciate the help <3

It means that history repeats itself as the new fashions will eventually become old and another generation will laugh at them without seeing things in perspective at the same time entering the same behavior pattern. Hope I helped.
I think it means how it's one big circle. Let me explain; Each generation gets their own trends and styles, and because it's what's "in", everything older, aka the older generations, seem incorrect, or out of date. However, they follow the new trends of their own, unaware that one day, they too will become old, and out-dated, to where the next generations will laugh at them. See, it's a full circle! :)
It means that each generation has its new trends that they create and that many follow just because they want to be differerent from their parents' generations. The new trends however are not necessarily better, they are just new.

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