Can someone write down some of your favorite sayings?

Question:i just wanted to know if anybody else comes up with the same things that im thinking!!
and every person can put more than one if you can think of any
ya know drop some high skool wisdom on this FRESHMAN!

Great Minds Discuss Ideas
Average Minds Discuss Events
Small Minds Discuss People

Treat yourself as if you ARE
who and what you want to be.

What You expect is what you will get.

You don't get in life what you want,
you get in life what you are.

Any day above ground is a Great Day.

Believe and Receive
Doubt and do without.

If you do now, what most people won't do,
You can do later, what most people can't do.

Today's choices are tomorrow future.

Lust Demands
Love Gives.

All I know, is what I've learn. But, all
I've learn, is not all there is to know.

When you lie on your back,
you loses your head.

FEAR = False Evident Appearing Real

Just a few.
"Whatever comes around goes around"
"If you can't beat them, join them"
"Live life as it was your last"
Everyone brings joy when they enter this office (or home)
Some when they enter .Other when they leave.

I love you more today than yesterday, because yesterday you really pissed me off!

I can only please one person a day, today is not your day and tommorow is not looking good either!

This is a self cleaning kitchen, clean up after yourself!

Having a house is a home, having someone to love is a family having both is a blessing!

With love all things are possible!

Nevermind the dog beware of the Owner!

Never get to busy making a living that you forget to make a life!

stressed spelled backwards is desserts!

Never have more children than you can afford!
If God would have wanted us to dry dishes, he wouldn't have created air.

The harder I work the luckier I get

Either you can or either you can't , either way you are right.

and my favorite,
Can't Never Could.
Wake up each morning happy to be alive, not beacause your life or the world is beautiful, but because one of the many people you've managed to piss off throughout your life haven't managed to kill you in your sleep yet.

Whatever he's on -- I want double!

Oh, and since your going into highschool, heres some things that actually work [hahaha. i have an upperclassman friend that does these all the time]

in the hallways, randomly turn around and yell "stop" or "freeze" [i'm told freeze works best] and see how many people stop.

shout out random words like "penis" in hallways as well, teachers don't like it, but it can be extremely funny because most highschoolers are insanely immature

and one last thing that goes with sayings: you will NEVER, under NO circumatances EVER, refer to yourself as a "freshie" unless you want to be beaten senseless. It is just annoying. Freshman is either "freshman" or "freshmeat" by upper classmen, but NEVER EVER "freshie" it was insanly annoying when I was a freshman and upperclassmen like it even less, so don't say it!

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