Fair and equal definition?

Question:definition of fair and equal

A concept put forward by Aristotle when justice is a mean between too much and too little.
whats fair to someone might be unfair to someone else. therefore the definition of the word fair may vary according to who gives it. as far as the word equal, just a number that can be evenly divided by two. there is no fair and there is no equal. not in this lifetime anyway. sorry.
Fair = free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice
Equal = as great as; the same as
"FAIR" is subjective. It is what one thinks about the thing or event or anything else.e.g. fair salary. It is not definate. It may be overall remark.
Other meanings are - a cluster of people together to celebrate.
"EQUAL" is a definate term e.g. John & Robert scored equal marks in Maths.

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