Do you think this is rightr for even high schooler?

Question:for my school we get 7 mins to get to class, that may seam like alot but my school is realy 2 schools cuz a different high school closed down and they had to come to our school. but it is if you are late for school or class the next day you get ISS for the whoel day, even if you bring a note

Well I hope you understand but what you have described is a great thing to prepare you for the 'real world'. For example: When you work in the corporate world, you get 2 fifteen minute breaks. The building I used to work for was 57 floors with around 10000 people, and the snack area and main break area was on the first floor. You get your fifteen minutes and if you are over, you get wrote up and if you do it numerous times... you get fired. I know it seems like an inconvience, but truthfully, and I mean this with love..that's how life goes and sometimes life is FILLED with inconviences. Good luck to you
Sounds fair to me! Some schools are two separate buildings and even if you have classes on opposite sides of each building you have to get there in the passing period! Some places aren't so lenient and only give three minute passing periods!

I agree with the comment about the real world (the first comment here). Get used to the hard knocks of life!
Where I teach now allows five minutes. There are three buildings. I used to teach in another school with three buildings. It only allowed four minutes between classes. We had far fewer problems in the halls because no one had time to get into fights, etc.
no its not fair.this is why people are stressed out and going one should have to run at high speed every day to get from point a to point b.

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