Cold Sassy Tree?

Question:PLEASE HELP ME! i need at least 5 quotes that grandpa rucker blakeslee said. and an inference/ commentary (analysis) for each quote! CAN SOMEONE PLEAASE HELP ME?

Here ya go! :)

"Gosh a'mighty! If'n I'd a-knowed y'all had made up a party for us, we'd a-got here sooner!" - E. Rucker Blakeslee : (Page 93 Paragraph 1)
"As they say in Cold Sassy, Aunt Loma was behind the door when they passed out the tact. And her temper was such that if King Edward VII of the Lord God Almighty Himself had been around when she got mad, she wouldn't of talked any less awful. In fact she'd of been glad of the extra audience." - Will Tweedy : (Page 26; Paragraph 5)
"In the back of my mind I'd been thinking I had saved him and Miss love from the gossipers. I mean I figured everybody would be talking about me getting run over by the train instead of about them eloping. That just shows how swell-headed I was, and how I underestimated Grandpa. If I had deliberately planned on nearly getting myself killed just to help him out, it would have been a waste of time. Grandpa was equal to anything." - Will Tweedy (P. 101)
"I named him after Theodore Roosevelt when I got him that day-then shortened it to T.R., so folks wouldn't think that my dog was a Republican." -Will Tweedy (P. ?)
"And why should I leave the only family my son will ever have? No matter how your folks feel about me, Will, they'll do right by their baby brother. That's the kind of people they are." -Miss Love Simpson (P. 390; Paragraph 5)
"poetic harvest" is much too kind to you. Read the book--it is really fun, and find these little treasures for yourself. You will not always find someone during the rest of your life as nice as PH, who will do your work for you. What will happen to you then?

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