"He who love touches walks not in darkness." Plato?

Question:What do you think of this quote?
Do you agree?
I am going thru a hard time with love in my life and my love has turned my world into darkness because I am not responded as I wish.

Please give me a star to enlighten my day.

well,, for me,, love is the greatest human guidance.
You,,who wants to be great must be loved by your followers
but how to be it,,
come to think of it,,
All Great Leaders use love to convince their followers.
first,, you must learn to love unconditionally,,
true love and affection,,
reaching and understanding & without insulting them,,
if there's something good you do,,
do not ever expect returns from them.
just to do it for yourself,
because you LOVE to give Love,,
and that is touching ones life to me,,

and if you are full of love,
you will never ever walk into darkness
coz you are lighted by the most brilliant light,,
Is not love a condition of insanity?\

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