Are you legally allowed to sell something if it has something like a poem or a quote on it?

Question:I'm thinking of using Shakespeare's sonnets in my art. Is this legally allowed as long as I credit him?

All of Shakespeare's work is in the public domain, which means you may use it for any purpose - including profit - provided you do not attempt to copyright the poems yourself. (Though obviously the artwork would be copyright you, just as though a recording of one of Beethoven's symphonies would be copyrighted, but the music would not)

You don't even need to credit him!
It's not only a matter of giving credit where credit is due but also paying the royalties due.
The copyrights have expired on Shakespeare's work (if they even bothered with copyrights back then), so it's fine, and there are no royalties. For more modern literature, it could be a problem. If you're not sure, a good thing to try is to look if Project Gutenberg has put that authors works online - they only do that with public domain literature.
You are legally allowed to sell anything that is in the public domain. That is anything, sounds, writing, paintings, trademark slogan-anything, that does not have a renewed (or nonexistent) copy wright on it. Since he's such a huge part of our society I'd think you'd be safe but I guess it wouldn't hurt to check if you were looking at serious money(otherwise they probably wouldn't bother you)

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