"Teaching is the highest form of understanding".. Aristotle?

Question:For my class I have to ask 10 people what is thier interpretation of this pharse (one paragraph no more than that). Please can you share with me your interpretentions !!

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re: paragraph

Aristotle took it upon himself to try to teach a lot of people a lot of things, and when I read this quote from him about teaching as the highest form of understanding, I respect it. I respect it because until a person does try to teach, that person really doesn't know his subject. He may have gone to school for over eighteen years and he still would not know how to preach what he practices. It is only when he finds himself in front of a class full of students that understanding of what he's learned will come to him, and even then it will take time. He will hear questions he'd never thought of and answers that open new vistas to him...and he'll learn that teaching is a very fine art!

(There. And I know I said 'he' all the time but that's the way I was taught. Sorry, ladies.)
I would say just:
The teacher needs to be able to understand completely what they are teaching because when a kid asks a question they need to be able to understand it. Through teaching the subject the teacher will gain an even greater understanding of the subject they are teaching through the subjects asked. Therefore, to completely understand a subjectmatter you almost have to teach it.
It's simple. I find that I understand things much more after I've taught them. I'm not the only one, as studies have shown that between listening, writing, and teaching, people are far more likely to remember stuff they taught.
I think that it means that you never truly understand something until you have to teach it to someone. There are so many things that we take for granted and when you try to teach something to someone that is when you really understand just how amazing and complex man is. Even the simplest things take certain steps and time to learn.
You are a wonderful teacher to dicide on such a question.

Here is an attempt to interpret the quotation:

To teach is to understand. You have to understand your abilities. You have to understand your recipients' abilities. You have to understand the great mission you are doing to do. You have to understand that which you are going to teach. Not only will you have to understand what you are going to teach, but you will have to understand every thing related to it. Teaching is communication; communication is understanding.

I hope I have been of any use.
only when you can break something down into individual ideas and make someonce understand those ideas do you know if you truly understand it yourself. it's easy to say you "get something" but when you can share your knowledge with someone else it shows complete understanding.

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