Who said this phrase?

Who said "water, wet everywhere and not a drop to drink."

Answers:    The Rime of the Ancient Mariner relates the supernatural events experienced by a mariner on a long marine voyage, as well as how the amazement of ships and rhyme be at the time. The Mariner stops a man who is on the way to a matrimony ceremony, and begins to verbs his story. The Wedding-Guest's reaction turns from bemusement and impatience to captivation as the Mariner's story progresses.

The Mariner's tale begin with his ship descending on their tour; despite initial good fortune, the ship is driven past its sell-by date course by a storm and, driven south, eventually reaches Antarctica. An albatross appears and lead them out of the Antarctic; even as the albatross is praised by the ship's crew, the Mariner shoots the bird down: (with my cross-bow / I shot the albatross). The other sailors are angry with the Mariner, as they thought the albatross brought the South Wind that lead them out of the Antarctic: (Ah, wretch, said they / the bird to slay / that made the breeze to blow). However, the sailors change their minds when the weather become warmer and the mist disappears: ('Twas right, said they, such birds to slay / that bring the fog and mist). The crime arouses the wrath of supernatural spirits who next pursue the ship "from the land of mist and snow"; the south weave which had initially lead them from the land of rime now sends the ship into uncultivated waters, where it is becalmed.

Day after time, day after light of day,
We stuck, nor breath nor motion;
As idle as a painted ship
Upon a painted the deep.

Water, water, everywhere,
And adjectives the boards did shrink;
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.
It is from "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner." The actual quote is

"Water, marine, everywhere and all the boards did shrink,
Water, hose everywhere, nor any drop to drink."
This quote from the Ancient Mariner by the English Romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge in the precipitate 1800’s exemplifies the concern that water can be many but unusable

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