Are there any schools in VA specifically for children/teens who have aspbergers syndrome / ADHD?

Try The Aurora School , 205 N. Maple Avenue, Purcellville VA 20132

You might also want to join the Northern VA Austim Group (mostly Fairfax County info), there is also a group for Loudoun County. Both groups can be found by searching Yahoo Groups

I'm familiar with Loudoun County Public Schools - you may contact me - Good Luck
It might not help your child to be alienated from people who don't have ADHD. I was placed in a special class for people who have ADHD when i was in school. I felt like i was being punished or people though i was stupid. I also felt like the kids in the real classes were better smarter and more normal than me, this made my ADHD even worse. Don't always listen to teachers and councilors, they don't always know whats best and are acting on there own interest just like doctors do.
in VA no.. but in DC i know there's the Lab School.. i have a friend who goes there... its a fairly small private school, wouldnt know how good it is.
A child who is diagnosed to be an asperger does not need to go to a special school. Because aspergers are intelligent people they can adopt to anything. They are able to mimick what regular kids can do even better.
I would talk to your peditrion or around to people you know or talk to your school specail Ed teacher for your childs school they would proble be able to point you out to the right direction

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