Does anybody know how to word about communication and record keeping for nvq 2?

Question:im a little stuck on how i can write down how i communicate with the service users that igo to

I presume you;
Use language appropriate to the age and understanding of the person you are speaking to.
Do not use jargon or phrases which cannot be understood by a layperson
Ensure you take into consideration any special need and take action to ensure the person can understand you. This could mean asking for someonr to sign for you if the person is deaf or get someone who speaks the mother tongue of the listener.
Records must be kept up to date and in sufficient detail to be of use to the reader.
Hi, you communicate in their prefered mannor, for example if they communicate using pictures, makaton, large print, slowly speaking, etc.

If your working with learning difficulties, care plans carry the information on each individuals prefered method of speach

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