Should metally disabled students be mixed into regular classes?

Throughout my education I enjoy had challenge kids in my classes, French, P.E, Art, Science, etc.
I am not one rude, but all they do is slow down my erudition by interrupting class in many ways.

Do you think handicapped kids should be mixed near normal kids?

Answers:    They definitely should. Mainstreaming mentally handicapped kids has shown surrounded by multiple studies to be beneficial to both the handicapped as well as the neurotypical children. The handicapped children are given the opportunity to in actuality be challenged and introduced to a situation much approaching one they will face as adults within society- living among neurotypical people and functioning. If you have a child that was disabled, I bet you'd surface differently about them self discriminated against. They deserve the same schooling as any other child, and they should not ever be segregated because they are different. I don't buy the argument that they should be separated from the non-handicapped kids and given a different rearing. You know what that's called? "Separate but equal."
As for the neurotypical kids- they swot valuable module about embracing, tolerance, and that some people are different from them, but not less important human beings. Once they have a arbitrariness to interact with mentally handicapped children they recurrently come away with positive view, able to get how they are kids just similar to them who think differently than they do. It is so incredible important to introduce them to these concepts immature before they grow up individual knowing prejudices and stereotypes- not just nearly the handicapped, but about adjectives people who aren't exactly equal as them.
As for slowing your teaching down, all right, think in the order of it. Not to imply contained by any way that P.E., French, etc. aren't historic things for the kids to be learning, but it's not close to they won't have plenty of opportunity to swot those things. Occasional interruptions may happen and that's newly a necessity of the mainstreaming process, but at worst it will just slow the on a daily basis lesson down a few minutes. This may be an annoyance at the time, but the lesson of acceptance that the children swot up from interacting with the mentally handicapped kids is priceless and will concluding lifelong.
It undoubtedly takes moderation, but I believe that it is worth it and even necessary.
I infer that all children should be homeschooled. The public childhood system is not concerned with the competence of education one given to our children.

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