Diploma in childcare?

Question:I am currently working for a diploma in child care, part of the assignment is to discuss features of a child centered environment and to evaluate the concept of child centered play which in essence is putting the needs of the child at the center of all you are doing. I would appreciate any discussions , thoughts or any useful links you could share. thanks:)

A child centred environment would have child friendly items, surfaces etc designed to be accessible to the child. Colour, texture, and safe, stimulating toys, safe age appropriate musical instruments and books are a must, as is a quiet/rest area with soft furnishings/floor cushions etc. I would suggest a range of soft toys - we all need something to cuddle! Sand, paint, clay and water are also good for helping children to discover and learn about the world they live in. Children learn through mimicing adults, so things like play kitchens, hoovers and irons are handy. Mock shopping items (such as pretend groceries) also encourage imaginative play. When playing with children, it is important to 'reduce your size' - get down to their level and let them lead the play. Carboard boxes (no staples or sharp edges), plastic spoons and a selection of fabrics are also useful for allowing creative minds to grow and explore. Whilst having to be safety conscious (as a responsible adult) - you can't afford to be self-conscious! Let the child in you shine through - all children love that in adults. (I think that's where grandparents score 'brownie points' - they can afford to relax the boundaries a little because they don't have the same responsibility as the parents). Good luck with the course!
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