Classroom observation record?

Question:I want to make a classroom observation record for the paraprofessionals to fill out - does anyone have any examples of this? I'm a behavioral interventionist, and want to know what my EBD students are doing in class. I'm looking for things like..."did the student remain on task?" "What was the participation level?" That kind of stuff. Any ideas or examples would be appreciated!

if you email me i will send you some forms that i have.. aaron_carter41143@yahoo
I tend to make specific data collection sheets for specific students related to their goals. Almost everything is individualized. OR I try to make the data collection one in the same with a token, point or self-monitoring system so they think they are doing an intervention and don't realize that they are taking data also. Anything more general such as on task behavior or such I will collect during my classroom observations using a frequency count for specific behaviors or interval recording for things like on task behavior.

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