Does he need special ed?

Question:see here it it. my friends little brother acts like he needs to be in special ed. , not trying to be funny. i think he seriously needs help. whenever i go over her house, he's walking around saying stupid things that dont make any sense. when he does his homework, it takes him about five hours, not exxagerating, to do something really simple. he has alot of problems focusing in school. he doesnt attain any information well. is there something that needs to be done? what do you think is the problem

i think that he has add, or adhd,i had troubles like that when i was young, i went to the docter and got a prescription called adderal, it works great with no side effects, i may also recomend a pocess called nero- feedback, i dont want to explain it, just look it up on th inter net.
I think you've answered you own question there. Tell your friend that you're concerned about her brother and that he/she should talk to her parents about getting tested to see if he has any "special needs."
He could be a little autistic a mild case .. Or have adhd You would think his teacher would point this out to the parent... I worked as a development instructor for 11 years working with all disability's ... Could also be a stage he is going through anyways depending how old he is but if he just starting school a teacher will surely address the problem to the parent...
any school will address this problem if there is one.
teachers are always on the look out for potential problems in this area.
they will see to this if there is a problem.
unless he is home schooled, then you need to speak to your parents about this.
Teachers should be the ones to act on this situation. It does sound a little like autism. But maybe the parents know about it and just want him to be as normal as possible.
Talk to your friends parents to see if they have identified the problem. Sometimes parents just don't want to see anything wrong, especially if it's relatively mild.

And everybody - I was recently told by a teacher in the american public school system that they are no longer allowed to do anything about this! Ridiculous new privacy rules in America hobble classroom teachers trying to help the students get the help they need - so if you see something, speak up!
Well, in my situation I have a spelling problem and have always had a spelling problem. But I am in college and doing ok. I have worked in the field of special education and disabilities for many years and have found that "as each star defers in brightness, so do the children of mankind - (author unknown). There is no reason not to address concerns and it sounds like your friend's little brother is getting extra help, and that is as it should be.
I was an instructional aide in a special ed classroom for 6 yrs. This child may be suffering from add or adhd. It is possible that he may have a mild case of autism. It may not be any of these things, it might mean that he is dyslexic. This child should be tested. the parents can go to the school and request that he be tested.
My son is the same way.He was diagnosed with adhd,learning problems,and odd.

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