PECS (Picture Communication Symbols)?

i'm currenly writing up a peice of work about a special requests placement i recently attended and i'm wondering does anyone know be to get hold of some sybols. the one i requirement in particlar are 'toilet' 'please' 'toast' 'bread and butter' cornflakes' 'wheetabix' and 'ricecrispies' iv tryed google beside no result

Answers:    Go to the link below, towards the bottom of the page he have over 60 pages of PEC pictures. If you don't find what you are looking for here, try the other is to a picture symbol dictionary and the other is to an online picture dictionary.
What does the "E" stand for?

Why didnt you say so.
The S stands for system. Have you tried going on ebay, I hold recently purchased loads from nearby. I could email you some over?

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