Is anyone else aggravated by stupid, inappropriate questions posted here?

Question:I am so tired of seeing questions that have nothing to do with special education posted here. I bet that if you deleted all the non-SPED questions and those that make no sense at all we'd have maybe ten good, decent questions here. How can we stop people from posting in the wrong section?

I have concluded that the problem lies not with the asker but with We can't expect everybody to know what 'special education' is - if my kid wasn't special needs I may not have known.

We should, however, expect Yahoo to provide definitions of each category and thereafter properly police posting - relocating them and deducting points from recidivists.

If this does not happen we may be forced into being ugly special ed vigilantees - and start reporting the questions as abuse - which given my intial premise would appear harsh - but then again some of us have been hardened by the special education system into full class bare knuckle fighters of the system.

I have taken the approach of answering once per asker "wromg category" but i think i'll tire of that all too soon. The world is too big for me to educate the ignorant - so maybe we should just shoot em.
if I hold my breath and puff out my cheeks and cross my eyes, will my hair fall out?
you are asking one right now.

inaapropriate? a very relative concept. i'm new on and these kinds of questions make me smile and appreciate that there are still people who i have better questions than.

maybe these people need special education..
I agree, lets get this thing going the right way
so we can get some good questions and answers and let the goof balls go in another directions!!
you are soooo right on!
Here, here!!
We have taught everyone that they are "special" so they feel their question is special too.
I'm having issues with teachers right now, at least the ones in grade school. They are snobby bitches that treat parents like poop!

I have a special needs child that is deaf, and the school doesnt wanna do nothing for him!

This is one big reason I have homeschooled most my children, liberal nazi snobby teachers!
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions

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