Do you think kid,s should be put back a class if they fall the exams from the first class?

Question:The UK is bringing this in soon do you think it is a good idea

This happened to me in primary school in The UK because my spelling was so bad and i got bullied so much.

I not particularly keen on the idea of holding children back, just because they have failed an exam.

If the teacher is any good, they'd recognize and identify children, as having difficulties, before exams. And put in special considerations, to support the child through out the year, and when exams are on.

Also when kept behind in later years, other students are cruel enough to laugh, and bully the child, for being behind, the others.

Some people cope with exams, and other don't. I was one such person, and I still don't cope to well with test or exams. Had I known I was Dyslexic, it may have helped, the teachers understand why I systematically failed test/exams, yet assignments etc I passed.

Prior to my daughter being diagnosed as having Dyslexia, she was kept behind, and suffered bullying, from other students. When my daughter was diagnosed as having Dyslexia, I surprised to find that I was Dyslexic too, which explained hell of a lot.

So I found as much as possible about Dyslexia, and how it affected my daughter, she could read, but could not spell or write very well, often mixing up her letters/numbers etc (I was the opposite). I then taught her teachers, what Dyslexia was, how best to assist and support her when in the class.

When exams were on she still sat them with everyone else, but the marking teacher had to take into consideration, that she had Dyslexia, so they would not be overly harsh on spelling mistakes etc, (mind you she, would underline words, that she was not sure of being correct) which indicated to the teacher she was trying.

So with support it is possible that students can and do achieve an education. Forcing a student to remain behind is not doing anyone a favor.

I know teachers these days, are taught how to recognize students who appear to be struggling, were as in my day, they did not. You were either dumb or smart.

I hope to God that they rethink this plan.
I really don't think kids should be put behind. I mean think about the psychological turmoil that can put on a child. Also you're going to help a kid by putting him in a class behind? However, they should try to bring in a program that would help the child during the summer (two months) and a school appointed tutor should be counted as well to the child's grades.
no, its too bad it should not be like that
No because thats puting the child back a class if they fall the exams.

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