How to improve general communication skills in English?

Question:Dear Friends,

Being in professional environment, It is a must to speak, Chat with collegues, Lady staff and Friends. For work related things my communication is ok, but at the same time for general communication, I could not use better english for casual situations. Could any body suggest me How can I imporve my communication to face this kind of situations. Your suggestions will be highly evaluated.

Thank you

I suggest that you practice practice practice. Find a friend who speaks very good English. Tell them that learning to speak English well, is very important to you, ask them if they will gently correct you when you mispeak.
Also, go to a coffee shop or place where people gather on a regular basis, make friend there and meet there everyday for coffee, lunch, or just a quick drink. Get involved in the conversation, express your ideas, strive to keep up with the conversations going on. Listen as much as you speak. Notice the way people's nonverbal actions speak as loudly as the words. Notice the way pauses in the conversations become important.
Watch television..repeat what you hear people on the television say until it sounds correct.
Keep working at it will do great.
Using online services and translators to perfect some general conversational phrases may assist you or taking a class either in your local town or online. Online Language translator typed into yahoo search may help you find some excellent options.
I used to run around with a pocket dictionairy for a few years and made it a point to learn at least 5 new words a day. After a year and a half, I was able to leave the dictionairy at home. Talk to people wherever you can and ask those you know to correct you. Most people will be happy to help.
Good for you that you are trying.

I have worked with a spanish speaking person for at least 7 years and she always says that they speak spanish at home and watch spanish t.v. and listion to spanish radio.
her sons have had a hard time trying to keep up at school.
If she would try to gear herself to english radio, t. v. and soforth, she might be more ready to keep up with the conversations that is going on around her at work.
we always have to stop and explain to her what we are talking about.
this lady has been in the U.S. for more than 20 years.
thank you for asking.

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