Is it necessary to provide children with sex education ?

Question:a kid will definetly find about it later on , if it is provided he can go for exprimentation and other awful acts, but some say its necessary, can anyone explain.

Yes it is important. It is all about the Decisions the child will have to make. By providing sex education the children will be able to make an "informed decision" about whether to start experimenting sexually. Unfortunately in this day and age, children are being faced with decisions regarding sex at an earlier age (not all, but many). If we can give children the facts, then they will be "armed" if they do have to make choices. To make a simple comparison, would you put a child in a car, and say "go for your life" and hope they can make the right decisions on how to drive safely? Knowledge is power, and can make all the difference between making right and wrong decisions.
It is necessary because you don't want him to find out through inappropriate channels.
Ok you don't need to teach your kid how to have sex bro. Teach them about the scarier parts. having kids too early and std's. How to use a condom, and the consequences of not using one. That's sex ed, not Man sex is great... now wait until you're 18. Remind them it hurts ALOT the first 5 times lol.
hmmm, yeah, put a baby in his/her arms for 3 days and maybe they'll get the friggin point -abstain!
yes it's necessary. That way the children are taught facts not rumors or inaccurate information. Sex ed. is not taught to your children for the purpose of having sex. They are taught much more than that. They explain your body and what you may be going through. Sexually transmitted diseases and the consequences of having unprotected sex. They give you options if you decide to have sex. I think it's very informative and some children are just too embarrassed to ask a parent any questions. This way they are informed and can ask any questions they might have.
its necessary because if they learn early they will understand that it is important to use condoms and protect yourself, it develops safe sex habits.
There are a lot of things people eventually find out about, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give them info about it ahead of time. BTW, as someone who has taught in public schools at the elementary and high school level, there is not constant sex education going on, as some seem to think.
Howdy, nobody is teaching kids in school how to have sex. And if men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.
How important is sex in your adult life? It is probably a fairly large part (not saying anything bad here, just stating the fact that sex is EVERYWHERE). My parents brought me up knowing the facts: what happens and why it can be dangerous. I believe that educating him is the best way to get him to be responsible.

Kids read into the "daddy wont talk to me about sex because he thinks I am too young". They will go out and do it to prove you wrong.

Good luck :)
Yes it is necessary. Unfortunately many teens are having sex. They need to know the facts that will help protect their health and the health of others. Disease is becoming a world wide epidemic, and knowing how to stop the spread of disease before it happens is the most effective way. Abstinence is an excellent way of protecting themselves, but lets face it. Generation Y could care less. They have temptation all around them, and unless they have made a choice in their hearts and the will power to stay a virgin, and not care what others think: then they are secure in their stance. Other wise they all need the facts.
How to have sex is the wrong thing to teach in schools. Both Spiritual, Moral and Life-style benefits of Abstinance should be taught to kids in school.

Use of contraception should be banned on campus- both condoms and pills. Girls should not have the option of aborting a child for unplanned pregnancy.
nobody needs to tell the bee where to go get the honey =:) In time they'll find out but I think it is a necessity for parents to have a discussion on sex with their kids, but wait till they are mature enough to understand.

Especially considering the things that are going on now a days, with teens becoming pregnant, abortion, different diseases etc. Internet is another major factor when it comes to sex, loaded with porn industries.

I'm sure there are books available out there on sex-related education for parents. Read some and get going...
for the parents yes, it starts as soon a youngun can talk
and progresses on a need/want to know basis. Children
are all different and this subject needs to be presented
properly as a child grows into it. -- Not a semester in a
"show all" class at school.
It is necessary. Yea, kids will learn a lot on the streets, but not all of what they learn will be true. There are a lot of rumors going around out there, especially about safe sex. Some people think a virgin can't get pregnant her first time, we know that isn't true. Sex education is important so that kids learn all the facts!
Having involved parents would be a start. In the US, children are bombarded with sexual inuendo labled as "advertisment" and the parents don't blink an eye. But say "sex" at school, and it's a lawsuit waiting to happen. Sexual education is necessary; learning how to have sex is not. You kids can watch the family dog and see how that works.
Not in school, but defiantly at home.

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