I dont have money but i have best wife and no child, now i went some body who can lend me or sposor me to stu

Question:As i mentioned above iwhen scolarship to study bach of pharmacy at toronto.

Talk with your local community college's financial aide department and tell them your story and see if they can make suggestions to you.
Dude, not to be rude, but in all honesty, why are you go to school if you can't even type this? how would they accept a college application? You should try to go for some student loans, they are types of loans were you have 10 years to pay back the money amount, you should go to a 2 year college, and then go for some online schooling..that seems the be the new way to go..
They have services in college for people with disabilities. Ask for some type of financial aid or grant. They can't turn you away simply because of your disability. That would be descrimination.

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