How can i make my autistic son talk, he is 4 and non verbal.?

I was diagnosed when I was three in your sons shoes. Couldn't talk at all. Give him lots of therapy to help. But the chances of him talking is slim but your chances will become higher. It all depends on the kid if he has the connection in his brain and it depends on his trying will power. There are some who try and are unsuccessful as other try like me and are successful. I'd get him a computer when he is a bit older and he can click buttons to try to communicate. Like I have to use the potty. I want to play. Just press it and the computer does the speaking. Although he can't talk I am sure he knows what your trying to tell him. If he can never talk try to teach him how to write. But the computer is the best communicate method tool. Good luck. It took me a long time in order to talk. But it's all based on everything. Talking is no guarantee. But you can increase your chances and there are alternates. But still not a 100% garantee. What you can do now is give him a lot of therapy. Nothing can go wrong plus it will better himself in everything in general. They work on everything like what bothers him and work to fix that. Not just talking.

Don't listen to people that say that autistic kids can never talk because I couldn't talk when I was three and now I am very high functioning and also I can talk very well. I am in all college prep classes at my HS. The only special ed class is study hall to help me on classes I am struggling in a bit.

So inclosing talking is possible but like I said not a 100% garantee because there are a lot of factors involved. I had no help in typing this. I did it myself without my Mom watching over me. There are several books to that can answer your question.
You cant MAKE him talk however you can encourage him to talk by singing nursery rhymes to him..or reciting stories which he will pick up.x
Have you tried using visual cue cards in order to communicate without talking?

I found teletubbies actually helped my son intitally . Speak to the autistic outreach team and get a speech therapist onboard

Edit sorry two of the links did not work . as the first poster mentioned singing is a very good way .. try nursey rhymes
You can't make him talk you can only encourage him. Keep it simple when you speak to him he may be having trouble processing language. Use sign language as well as speech he may pick up the signs first which could lead to speech. Praise any sounds he does make and give them meaning, for example if he makes a noise when you hand him a drink tell him how clever he is a repeat the word 'drink'. This way he will associate sound with meaning.
Best of luck I hope he learns to speak soon.
Try the sign language that is in vogue just now for communicating with babies - this could give you some pointers and then you can begin to make up your own as appropriate and of course if your son responds to this idea.

Each time you present a drink you also display the sign so he can see it. One day he may come to you and display the same sign to indicate he is thirsty.

Do not overwhelm him with signs - just try 3 basic ones food, drink and sleep for example. Give it a month to see if there is a response.

Also do not force him to do the signs - see if there is an attempt to try imitating you first.

As you introduce new signs, write them down to create a dictionary.
You can't MAKE an autistic child talk . You can encourage him by reading books and nursery rhymes etc, but some autistic children never talk.
Go to your library, there are some fantastic books out there about autism.
hi my little brother is autistic, there isnt anything special you can do, just make sure you keep talkign to him, and make what you are saying very clear, my little brother is 5 now and he has started singing, calling peoples name and repeating what people say but not clearly, but we can definately see imprvement over time, going to an autistic school also helps a lot as my little brother is very happy there, there isnt much you can do for an autistic child but keep him happy, when they WANT to talk they will.
i am an aba therapist who works with autistic clients directly. the aba method for teaching autistic clients to speak involves praise and reward for successive approximations of echoics. basically this means you make sounds; "say mmmm" and the closer the child comes to producing that sound the more exuberant your reaction. give lots of praise and preffered toys/food items and the link between your request and their behaviour will become clear. next you can work on "say ooo". these are great sounds to start with since the first word the child usually produces is "mom". continuing in this fashion with as many letter and letter cluster sounds will produce results, but keep in mind that this is all dependant on your childs level of functioning.
Unfortunately there isn't a way to make any Autistic individual speak. You may want to surf a web-site to will have resources for you that will assist in many ways. Autistic individuals think in images and usually don't respond with verbal communication they usually use a picture communication an order to respond. When surfing go to parents, blog, on line shopping and Autism. I wish you well
First, make sure he has a good speech pathologist and recent evaluation. Has PECS (Picture Exchange System) been introduced? Any sign?

True, as others have posted, some autists never speak. And many do! Some don't begin until they are 8 yrs old so don't lose faith!

Picture books and pointing and naming things helps as well. Start with a good speech therapist and ask about PECS and sign. Some people think these tools discourage verbalization but studies show they actually encourage it.

Best wishes!
my son loved picture card we would glue them to construction paper and put them in a binder then at night we would lay down and i would point and name each one.. start with what he shows interest in.. if it animals point to it and say cow it goes moooooo. make it interesting and dont give up even if they are not paying attention.
Hello! Have you thought of assistive technology - Augementative Communication for your son. Although most believe that if the child uses an AAC device they will not speak research has proven that using an alternative form of communication has stimulated more voice productions. If your son is in school, write a letter to your case manager requesting an AAC evaluation. A trained Speech therapist in AAC will evaluate your child and make suggestions for low tech (PECS) to more advance computer based communication aides.
I can imagine how you're probably looking for information or answers from anywhere you can think of, but if your little boy is going to talk he needs someone with knowledge of working with autistic children to help you teach him. Usually, professionals work with parents to show them how to keep talking to their child and encourage their child to respond.

Have you searched online for "support for parents of autistic children" or "how to encourage an autistic child to speak" sites? I suspect sites aimed at autism can offer you more information.

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