Does G.W. Bush have a Mental Disability??

Question:Combo of reasons:

1. He has a terrible short-term memory.
2. He CONSTANTLY mispronounces words and has a difficult time translating thoughts into words.
3. He also has a reading problem.
4. He constantly appears to be over-whelmed, flustered and disoriented

I realize that it is normal for ANYONE to experience any of these problems every now and then. However, I feel that he has a HISTORY of struggling with these problems and it has become apart of his character and image.

(I am not trying to "defame" those who have a learning disability, but I was just curious if that could also be his diagnoses)

This an honest question and I would love your thoughtful and honest feedback!

Good question... Have a star. Yes he has a mental disability. It's what we in the medical world call FITH disease (F@ck3d In The Head)
remember his speach when he justified the war on iraq because god told him to do it.

he is mental
remember when he said:" too many OBGYNs aren`t able to practice their love to their patients in this country.."
Well Andre, the job is open maybe you feel better qualified. Not an easy job, I wouldn't want it. Andre in 2008, sounds as good as Obama in 2008, start shaking hands.
Is there a special education degree program at Harvard or Yale? If he is this stupid how stupid are the Democrats and their voters since they could not vote a retard out of office in 2004.
I think this is mainly caused by poor general knowledge and discomfort in understanding human beings. (example: the misunderstanding of foreign affairs which lead to the Irak war. This shows a defencive attitude in solving problems rather than an informative one. )
He has no more or less of a learning disability than Clinton, Obama or any of the others. He is a traditional male, from Texas and cultural and geographical background influence abilites in language acquisition and usage.

I do think Bush has some serious "stage fright" but that's understandable as so do I and many people.

How would you do if you had a hundred cameras on you knowing many millions of people all over the world were listening to you? I'd be unable to speak at all.

And I do honestly think it's rude for you to have catagorized this question, however honest you claim to be in asking, under special education. It belongs under politics.
...first off, where are you from...? G.W. is a Texan... if you've never been to or lived in Texas you don't have a clue...

You should do a little bit of background on "G.W." and see that he has a very very adequate educational resume'

...and what "you" perceive are his "social" quirks he more then adequately makes up for ...with BALLS ! (the man ain't no woossiee)...
He has Cranium-Rectum Insertion and can't get out! I suspect that he may be a victim of fetal alcohol syndrome and should have been aborted. He has no balls because he can't finish his obligated service. He can't tell the truth if it hits him in the face. It is possible that he was born with Alzheimer's or had an embolism at an early age. Maybe Barbra dropped him on his head. I'm not impressed with his education credentials. He skated through Yale with Skulls and Bones and most likely got admitted on his daddy's coat-tails. 50% of the Yale graduates finished in the bottom half of their class.
The American people voted him in. The rest of the world watches with confusion, not sure if it is all for real (as do many Americans I'm sure)

Dyslexia? could account for some of it

I don't know is history - Did he go to school, how did he do

IS IT ALL AN ACT?? or just some of it
While we watch him bumble around, whats he really up to while or attention is elsewhere
absolutely not. People that speak to him privately say he is one of the most intelligent people they have met. This man has been the consumate leader.

The man read 104 books last year and has a reading problem? He is not fluid when reading prepared speaches. So what?

The Stock Market was at 7000 when he took over. It has not only set all time highsunder him, it has doubled what it was when he took office.

The deficit is at 205 Billion dollars right now despite a war, and it looks to be wiped out when he leaves office.The deficit was bigger when he took office.

How would you feel if you faced stupid questions, that were agenda driven each day and not questions. You would get sick of it too.

Historians already say he will go down as a great President. Not a good one, a Great one.

Economy has been very strong under him. Unemployment as low as 4.6%. The best in the last 8 years of the 90's was 5.7%

I think you need to stop watching ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN and do some real research. The truth has a way of overcoming constant misrepresentations.

He has tried to do more for the little man in this country thanany President I can think of. He has tried to offer you a privatized SS option, one which Congress and the Senatehas had and one that a democratic lead Congress passed a law denying it in the early 80's after it was proven to work and people were retiring at 45 on 6-10K a month.

He has tried to build gas refineries on Military bases that are no longer needed or used. The gas consumption is up 12.5% in the past 11 years and production is up point 5%. That is half of one percent!

He is trying to get laws overturned that were put in place by a democratic lead congress 20 years ago forbiding drilling oil in America. Last year they found three times the Oil in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming than they have in the whole middle east.

He has tried to overturn the use of certain types of gasoline in certain areas, which has to be shipped in because it is not needed.

He has kept his mouth shut and took the heat regarding weapons of mass destruction which have been moved to Syria. If we go in there, China and Russia is at war with us.

We have had the Saddam Tapes that have shown his intent and aquisitions regarding weapons to attack the USA.

His right hand man General has come here and also written a book on how all of this is done.

Yet our socialistic Media covers up the truth.

Facts like training grounds for Al Quaeda in Iraq
Planes in Bagdad Airport used to train for 911
Facts like Al Quada is being beaten back badly right now
They have always been being defeated

Take the time and learn the truth.
No, but your mom does.
Maybe he's shy and has overcome it enough to speak in public - but not well. People who are nervous don't do well speaking.

I once read about how gifted children often have a "look before you leap" way of operating; so contrary to what many people believe, something that can come with high intelligence can be shyness or or what looks like awkwardness.

I'm not saying the president must be highly intelligent, but his trouble speaking in public is not necessarily a sign of low intelligence or even any form of disability.

Some people tend to be targets of the verbal attacks of others. That may be someone who is very intelligent, someone who comes from a family that is wealthy, or maybe someone who has a father who is president.

People who tend to get "attacked" by others for no reason (other than someone else wants to take them down a peg) get very self-concious and never quite know where the next attack is coming from.

I'm not saying this is the president's problem, but it is one possibility.
You cite no evidence to support your claim that Bush has memory and reading problems. You may disagree with his policies, but don't confuse Bush with an idiot. Getting elected president in this country is extremely difficult; only 42 people have ever done it and I'll say with confidence none of them were idiots. Bush's enemies have underestimated him for years, and then they wonder how he keeps getting elected.
I think so.

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