What happen after I graduate from Flight university?

Got a B.Comm, been working for 2 years plus , immediately I'm 25 (turning 26). I'm hoping to get surrounded by September for the 4 year program at Seneca...Question: how long will it take me to construct at least 50k a year? I'm likely to work however many job I need to clear up my hours/experience, etc...

Answers:    You'd better get a firm estimate of how much it will in truth cost you to get adjectives your ratings, plus tuition, books, and living expenses.
My son has a amount in aeronautical science (airline pilot concentration) from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, and graduate Magna C*m Laude. He was here for 2 1/2 years and graduated next to $125,000 student loan debt. The program required VFR, IFR, commercial, and multiengine ratings in demand to graduate. Each time he flew, he had to take-home pay for fuel, the instructor, and the plane rental; basically, roughly speaking $130 every time he flew.
None of his friends (except the Turkish guy who went wager on to Turkey after graduation) was competent to find an airline job, even the ones who have straight A's from the most prestigious flight school within the world (ERAU); not even with a regional delivery service.Look on the airlines' websites under "careers". That will pass you an idea of the number of multiengine flight hours they require to be considered eligible for a position.
Most of my son's friends any joined the convoy or the airforce to get their hours. The problem beside that, though, is the 3 months of officer candidate college (which is usually a wait of 3-6 months to acquire in), then deep flight training (another 6 months of waiting before you start), 3 months of prime, then dawdle again until you go to advanced (another 3 months). Once you complete advanced (another 6 months of training, minimum) and achieve your wings, later you have an eight-year committment to the service. It necessarily adds up to around 12 years in total.
When you capture out of the service, an airline could hire you as a first officer (co-pilot), at under $35,000/yr, a short time ago so you "pay your dues". It can help yourself to several years until you make person in charge; some never get that far.
So, to answer your question-- it could transport a good 15 years from very soon until you earn $50,000.
Research all of this VERY attentively before you hop in near both feet. It's hugely expensive and the prospects are pretty poor.
First, try posting in the correct screened-off area. Special education deal with the specialized school needs of nation with cognitive and developmental disabilities. Try high education. Most of us working contained by special education may never brand name 50k a year!

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