How much salary does a special-ed teacher make if they have been working for 20 yrs in Newark,NJ.?

Question:I was told by someone that they saw a pay check from a teacher and it was a huge amount of money .

Hello, I work in the Special Education Department...the Child Study Team.

It is possible that a teacher working for 20 consistent years to make salaries between 70-90K.

You can send me an email directly and I will let you know as per the current contract as well. I don't have it right now.

Yes, Newark is an Urban district and there are many problems, but we also have MANY things in Newark to be proud of. It is unfortunate that those outside of Newark only see the bad accounts of the violence that occurs here and not the wonderful good news that happens every day.

We have several magnet, or gifted and talented schools; and all of our high schools have academies directed towards specific vocations or professions of interest to give our youth a head start in their college studies.

did they mean huge as in 1200 a month or huge as in 4600 a month? Or was it like "20,000" and that would mean that the teacher chose to get payed in one big lump for the year...dunno
yeah, Newark is ghetto
the ghetto schools have lots of violence, so people are afraid to teach there, so they pay good to attract teahcers

and special ed makes even MORE
special ed in the ghetto... BLING BLING BABY!!!1
I have worked in Newark school system and it is not all that bad. I have seen more violence in rural or suburban schools in NJ than in Newark.

Newark is an Abbott school district which means that the state of NJ runs the school district and pays through the nose of the district to run. If you want to know more about Abbott school district go to the following link:

To learn more about the salaries from the Newark school district, you would go to the Newark school district or the NJ Dept of Education has a list of salaries for specific districts. The average starting salary in 2006 was $40,000; it can increase with your experience and degrees. There are teachers making $80,000 in Newark and in other districts. The administrators can make a $100,000 and upwards.

Remember NJ is different than most states. NJ is home rule. Each teacher union builds their own contracts and demands. Salaries can range from district to district. Having a special education degree is no different than having a regular education degree because you all start on the same pay scale. The more credits you have toward a masters or advanced degree the more you are paid. But there is a cap on the salaries of what you will be paid. The more years you are in the more you make but it stops at a specific cap.

The benefit for working in an urban district like Newark is that they have ample professional development including college courses. The students are respectful when you respect them. The teachers support each other.

The downfall to working in a district like Newark is that there are tons of mandates from the state. The lack of parental input or support for the majority of the students. I also found that because of the mandates there was no consistency in the teaching methods used with the students from year to year. The other difficulties are often the language barriers.

It is a stressful job. Because you are in a inner city location you often struggle with : students being hungry, abuse, students that don’t attend school on a regular basis, homelessness, drugs and the other issues.

Finding salary information to help you make a decision or negotiate for better pay is not easy. Want to know how much you're worth? Please check out and hope it helps you.

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