Can a special needs student be denied an education if the school has tried every way to help?

Question:The child screams at the teacher no matter what. The child has tried counseling and it doesn't work. What happens then? Does the school district simply give up on this child?

Hi Jessica. The child you are speaking about sounds like he/she is having tons of emotional problems and the PARENTS as well as the teachers need to be INVOLVED with the counseling of the child.
Special needs children need all the love and support possible and the law allows the child to continue in the school. HOWEVER the school DISTRICT can make a recommendation (& then the school itself decides) that the child be placed elsewhere. This is so sad, because if the childs PARENTS are NOT INVOLVED, then this poor child may not receive the kind of quality education that every child needs and deserves.
Does the child respond to any teacher in particular?
Does the child respond to any counselor?
Does the child respond terrifically with any given student? Such as yourself? You are so kind.does this child wish to be a partner with you? (Remember, this would require alot of time to help this child, and if you are still in school and having to do your own work ... so don't take this on if it inters with your own schooling okay?) However, if you have any time that this child could be with you.maybe to help the child with say math.or whatever subject..then he/she may simply respond to you over the teacher.
Sometimes kids with emotional problems need a FRIEND so bad that they will do anything...include screaming to get the attention of the Teacher and the entire class.
They will go out of their way to be "bad" so to speak, just to get the attention they need..This child may come from a family whose parents are not involved with the child or the school system. This too is so sad, because then the childs emotional needs are never being met. So what does the child do.scream to get attention.
Does the school system have any Pet Therapy?
Maybe the child would respond to a Therapy Dog and Relax around the puppy and stop screaming. Alot of kids, austic and otherwise, simply calm down when petting a pup.
Is there a quiet cornor that maybe could be blocked off with a small screen enclosure, so he/she can get away from the other kids and just calm down, without anyone staring at him/her? With pillows and a rug and a soft light. Not the overhead lights...but soft lighting, or a sothing waterfall sound. This helps calms children as well.
Maybe you could print some of these answer and ask your teacher to look them over and maybe they would help your teacher and the rest of the class.
The child is also in need of an Positive Reinforcement Program that the school should be offering for free and placed on the childs IEP. Small groups would work much better then this child being with alot of children. Some kids learn better when they are in small groups of no more then 3-5 kids.
The school district should never give up...and the parents of this poor child need to step up to the plate and help their child with the school system so their child can receive the very best education possible. This would also ensure the other kids in the class would receive that same education, without the child trying to get attention.
I hope you have a terrific weekend Jessica.enjoy & glad to see you are asking such "thought provoking questions."
Blessings, Patti
No according to the law the child is entitled to a free education and they must continue to problem solve until the child is 18.

I just finished a 13 year battle with my son and school. From the 1st day of kindergarten and till he was 18. I as his mother tried many things. I tried changing schools, psychiatrist, counseling, family counseling, homeschooling.

As a parent I wanted to think teachers had the solutions. They didn't.

By unlucky chance we found a house we could afford that met our expectations but it was located in Manitowoc. We moved him to Manitowoc and they put him in a class of criminals. Luckily he did not become a criminal and he probably was the only non criminal setting an example for these teen criminals.

When a child hates school it is prison.

A 14 year sentence in my sons case.

I always wished that he could obtain his education in some other way.
Until the age of 21, not 18, the school system cannot give up. They may, however, determine it would best to provide tutoring with extra practice to be completed at home.

It is hard to determine the cause of the problem from your details. What is the nature of the disability? Is it just behavioral? Is it Tourette's? Is it mental retardation?
Home schooling. If the child is uncontrollable at school, they distract the whole class and are taking up valuable time from the teachers. I have worked with Special Ed kids for 15 years, the ones that absolutely will not allow themselves to be taught, need their parents to teach them or to removed from their parent's house and taught by someone with the skills. There are Educational assistants that can help, as I am, but the money is often not there to pay for the help these kids need.
The simple answer, assuming that you are in the US, is that your child is entitled to an education until she is 21 . Assuming she is classified by the Committee on Special Education or the equivalent where you are she gets services. Don't let them declassify her to get around it, either. You need an Advocate. Find out where there is an agency in your area that helps parents in situations such as this. Try calling the nearest Law Association for information. There may even be the name of such a group buried in the paperwork you have been given. Good Luck!
I think what will happen is the school will send him to an alternative school that kids with problems go to. BUT, it is not the kind of problems you kid has, but kids who have been bullies, commited crimes, etc.
And you do NOT want your child there, it will only make him worse. If they say they want him in a school like that, you do NOT have to agree to it and fight back.
I am origianally from Illinois and the city I lived in had an alternative school for children with such issues. It was run by the public school system and was attended by those with severe behavior or emotional disorders and other disabilities that caused extreme behaviors. This school had very strict classrooms and did not sway from routines, as this caused the kids to react badly. They had more than one counselor on staff and safe rooms where kids went to calm down when they had outbursts.

This was not at school for juvenile offenders, but a school with teachers and staff trained to work with students with these kinds of issues. One of my best friends has a son with bi-polar disorder and he could not function in a regular public school, as his behavior was too extreme. He thrived when he was placed in this alternative school. He was able to graduate on time with everything a kid in a regular school had (geometry, algebra, biology, etc...) but also received more intense counselling that helped him to monitor his behaviors outside of school.
NO everyone should have the right of education and if they are MR they can stay in school till they are 21
no because no child left behind law, fape law, all the court cases that went on for this very reason you can not deny a child from getting the proper eduation they need...and if they aren't learning well then they need to try and teachin a different way maybe then the child will learn
Schools legally cannot give up. Even if he screams at the homebound teacher for eight hours a day, they have to keep trying. that's the law.
I'd say if he's still screaming, then the school hasn't done it's job. They need to perform a functional behavior assessment, figure out why he's screaming, and work on that if nothing else.

But absolutely not, schools cannot deny an education, regardless of where it comes from. If the teacher does nothing else but play boardgames with him to build a rapport, then THAT would count as the education. Once the relationship is built, then you'd work on academics.

i sincerely doubt 'the child' has tried counseling. If he is that incapable, that he screams no matter what, then he was counseled AT, not IN counseling. I've seen completely incommunicative autistic kids in an autism classroom receive services at least. There is no excuse for this.

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