Can someone tell me if autism causes problems with reading?

Question:I know a teen girl with autism and she is a great speller but she has problems reading...can someone maybe explain why?

Although spelling and reading are related there can be many reasons a child cannot read. For children with autism patterns often make sense. Words are patterns so it is easier to spell then read. Reading there are patterns but if a person hasn't been taught to use those patterns to read, then they wouldn't know what to do.

The other issue is that this teenage girl probably wasn't taught how to read. Typically children with developmental delays are not taught to really read. They are often taught to read by sight words (Edmark Reading). Being taught to read sight word isn't typically functional because a child can read in isolation but not in sentence format. Does the student have letter to sound identification. For example, can you say the letter sound and can she identify the letter?

If you want to teach her to read, look for programs that are multi-sensory approach. For example, something that uses text to speech, something that has repetitive exposure and a program that you can customize to her personal interest. One program that offers this is the four blocks of reading.

You may want to talk to the reading specialist in your district. They might be able to point you in a direction.

It is important to note that not all children with Autism has issues with reading. Some have hyperlexia. They can read anything but have no idea what it means.
it depends on the kid
because she can encode but not decode words. Plus reading is more than just sounding out it is remembering what you read. Is she high functioning aspergers? Sometimes they can do odd things that do not make sense to us like spell but not read. Maybe she ca read but just does not like to.
in some but not all..they may seem that they cant but they might surprise you someday..
autism is a very complex disorder and there are so many levels of autism. my 18 year old son is autistic and can read but can not spell.
Autism doesn't really cause anything; it's just the name for the spectrum on which the syndromes that lable the collections of symptoms that are caused all kinds of different things.

...confused yet?
Many kids with autism and an innate ability to read words (hyperlexia), but have difficulty with comprehension... for example, if you read them a story and then ask them what it was about they may pick out a random word and say it was about that... or, if you say "the dog bit the boy" and then ask who bit whom, they would have difficulty figuring that out. Many autistics think in pictures and it may help illustrate with pics or acting things out... Good luck

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