For any ESL teachers, I need some good games for children and young teens to play and learn by. Any suggestion

In special education, I always had my kids playing yahtzee or uno (for the lower ability ones). Over the years I also had Racko (number ordering/strategy/problem solving) and some pizza (different toppings/identifying 1/3, 1/4, delivery etc) inspired fraction games. I also taught them to play solitaire, go fish, and 21 with a pack of cards.

There's also a Who am I? game. There are say thirty little people that pop up..some old/young, male/female, blue/red bow, fat/thin, striped/solid shirt. One player states by asking a yes/no question - Is it a male? No. So you would put all the male pictures down. Then it's the person's turn to ask a question.

I don't know if it's available in your area yet, but check out You can post a wish list for these games or other supplies and a donor can choose to fund your proposal. You pay nothing and the learning materials are shipped to your school. They are the best!
Hopscotch? They have to call out the number when they land on it?

War - the card game. They have to call out the number when they see the card.

Trivial pursuit.

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