How can I enrollmy handicapped nephew in a big brother program?

Question:my nephew is a 24 yr. old mentally disabled with a mine of 8 yr. old. I'd like to have a big brother to spend time with him to teach him things and activities. He only sits in front of the TV and play video games all day. He needs interactions with others to develope his mind. he needs constant repeated instructions to follow direction. Also my daughter is a normal child and I 'd like to have a big sister for her too. Can you help in providing this sevices in the St. Petersburg/Tampa Fla. area?

For your daughter you should be able to enroll her in a big Brother's Big Sisters program by contacting and filling out the paper work. There is an online application at this site.

For your son, I would reccomend getting him involved in a Day Service Program designed for individuals with disabilities.
Contact these people to find the steps that will help your son get enrolled in the MR/DD waiver program.
Agency for Persons with Disabilities
4030 Esplanade Way, Suite 380
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0950
Tel: 850·488·4257
Contact the local chapter of Big Brothers/Big Sisters for your daughter. Your nephew may be too old and the majority of the volunteers in the program are not looking to be paired with special needs partners. For your nephew, contact the local Easter Seal's offices and/or the local branch of the ARC. Both will have information on mentoring/buddy programs that your nephew should be eligable for.

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