Autism - Recovery?

Question:Does anyone have a child who has recovered (or is functioning normally...whatever you want to call) it? What kind of therapy did you do, at what age, for how long, for how many hrs/wk? At what age did they really begin talking?

depending on the severity but for all ages there is speech therapy (it works wonders for my son), physical therapy. Many can learn to function well.
Despite what you may read on the internet, there is not a recovery from autism. You'll find that those who claim there is conveniently have something to sell you. They prey on a parent's desperation to sell their snake oil. Don't be suckered - or led blindly into a treatment. If you look at both sides, you'll almost always find there is no scientific data to back up any of their claims - only some convincing testimonials. Often their treatment is touted as "cutting edge" or "radical". This is their way out of providing any proof to back up anything they claim.

We've only been dealing with a diagnosis for 7 years now but I can tell you that just when I thought I've seen it all, something else comes out as the "miracle cure" for autism. It never is because there is no miracle cure. Autism is a lifelong condition. It is at the core of the person and dictates every perception, every sensation, and every action of the individual. It is their essence. With time as your child grows, you will begin to understand this.

It is not the end of the world. It's actually quite liberating to come to grips with what you're dealing with and stop chasing rainbows. When you get to this point and have a clear head, real progress can be made. You will understand how your child learns, what works and what doesn't. Through much trial and error, you'll learn what external conditions are required for your child to thrive.

Your child will probably need services that have been proven to be effective (speech/OT) in helping the child get more out of their education. These services do not claim to "recover" a child for good reason. They are there to help the child function in a world that is not built to accomodate them - that is all. Along the way, you'll find other ways that help your child learn and function in our world - but going about it with a "cure" mentality is a recipe for disappointment and frustration.

I'm not saying autism is peachy - but I'm also not saying it is somthing horrible that must be eliminated or that my child should be "recovered". It is a difference of being. It is a difference that requires many special accomodations. With age and maturity and a supportive environment, there is a good chance your child will surpass many or your expectations. When they are very young, it is hard to see the forest for the trees and things are overwhelming. This leads to dispair and desperation.

That's where these vultures touting "revovery" swoop in promising just what you're looking for. When you ask for scientific proof or studies that support their claims, they have nothing - at least nothing that has been reviewed by peers and deemed credible by those in the field of ausim research.

I'm just telling you to set your BS-ometer to it's highest setting and you'll see these scams for what they are. Good Luck.
Unfortunately Autism is something that's lasts the persons lifetime. Each person with Autism is different. People with the same characteristics of Autism don't necessarily receive the same therapies. Each is an individual who requires their own therapies for "x" amount of hours per week. Over time with therapy some of the characteristics may improve, but they will never ever be fully recovered from it. With Autism some learn to speak and do fine, some learn to speak, stop and never talk again, some never talk at all. Many who don't speak have Language Therapy to help them begin speaking but that doesn't necessarily mean they will speak. When my son was diagnosed with Autism, the psychologist said one of the best things I could do to help him was to learn as much as I could about Autism.
there is no cure for autism, the same as there is no actual reason for having an autistic child
however children can move up and down within the spectrum

my son was classic kanners autism at age three with no speech, no emotional outreach, etc he [at a later age] scored 26/30 on the scale used by the autism team under the gudance of simon baron cohen at cambridge

he began communicating in an accepted way around age 6/7 and at 11 he was reassessed and given an amended dx of now being
"best fit as high functioning autistic/aspergic"

he is 18 now and is taking A levels, having gone through mainstream schooling his whole life, holding a part time job, learning to drive, is prepearing to apply for university

however HE IS STILL AUTISTIC, he will always be autistic, he still has days in which he CANNOT speak or interact and will stim and tic endlessley, he is as frustrating as he is lovable
it is as much a part of him as his brown hair and green eyes, he was born autistic he will die autistic

as for therapy what did we use
common sense and good parenting with good rules and regulations and being clear cut with everything at all times

remember 18 years ago this 'explosion' of autism was only just begining

"go away and get on with him enjoy him for what he is"

thats the help, guidance and therapy we got

as someone else above has said
set your BSMETER to high WHENEVER a new 'cure' comes along
omega 3 fish oils
L carnosine
anti oxidents
cranberry et al superfoods
gf/cf free
etc etc etc
aint none of it gonna cure autism

they cant yet find a diffinitive cause[ and thats a WHOLE other discussion = -) ]
until they do that they cant even attempt to find a cure

remember what i said at the start?

" children can move up and down within the spectrum"

theres no guarantees at all, all gloves are off
a child talking one day MAY lose the lot
toilet trained at 2 nappies at 6
passive child agressive adult
mainstream primary special secondary

autism is a lottery,
the losers are the ones being exploited
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